Wah Shing Plastic Bags Company

Wah Shing Plastic Bags Company was established in 1990. Over the years, Wah Shing Company earned its reputation as a company of integrity, we dedicate to produce plastic bags at high quality and offer the best service. Our products and printings process comply with the safety standards and are widely trusted by our clients. Our customer base includes large and small bakery, laundry, marine delicacy shops, boutiques and other fields.

Other than the clients we have in Hong Kong and China, we also export to different regions in Asia, North America and Europe. Wah Shing has been strictly adhering to its philosophy of "treat clients with sincerity" We work with customers with the utmost sincerity and honesty "Treat Clients with Sincerity" has now become the maxim for our Group's success. Welcome to inquire quotations.

TEL: (852) 2322 3911 or (852) 9025 4978
FAX: (852) 2322 4301
MOLBILE: (852) 9376 7387
EMAIL: sales@wsbags.com.hk
Address: A2, 6/F, Galaxy Factory Building, 25-27 Luk Hop Street, San Po Kong, HK
Office Hours: Monday to Saturday 9am - 7pm

待客以誠 以客為先

Plastic Bags

Any colors

Paper Bags

Many different size

T Shirt Bags


Recycle Bags

Any kind



Our products includes: Recycle bags, Ziplock Bag , Arm bag, T-shirt bag, Hanger bags, Food bags, Bread bags, Adhesive postage Bag, Plastic Loop Handle Bag, Disk record bags, Laundry bags, etc.

Handle Plastic Bag Series

Punch hole handle bag  

Plastic-clip handle bag

T-Shirt bag  

Soft-loop handle bag


Inner Packing Bag Series


PVC Bag with Hanger  

Zip Lock Bag  

Adhesive Envelope Bag

Recycle Bags Series


Recycle bags (Non woven bag)


Paper Bag Series


Paper bag


Paper Boxes Series
Paper boxes


Factory Facilities

Our factories are planted in Hong Kong and China. The plastic bags machines ensure large amounts of production.

Factory Facilities in Hong Kong

Factory Facilities in China


Order Requirement

• Clients need to provide product information includes: product Logo, color, size, material and quantity by e-mail or fax for quote.

• To provide an accurate quotation, our company may assign a salesman to client's office or branch store for getting the samples.

•Or clients can send samples to our company for quote.
• If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us (852) 23223911.


All Products can be customized to fit customer needs. Welcome to inquire quotations. Please call (852) 2322 3911 (852) 9376 7387 Or E-mail to sales@wsbags.com.hk